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In 1945, Craig Lewis Lewis returned from WWII. He and his wife, Claire, settle near Atlanta, Georgia. Their daughter, Karen Ann, was born in 1942 while Craig was in training as a medic. They soon have another daughter, Susie, born on May, 1947. Some time after, Claire becomes terminally ill, and her condition steadily worsens. Craig is unable to cope with this unfortunate turn of events.

How he handles Claire’s illness, eventual death, and their children is a story repeated all too often even today. He turns to the bottle, and without his loving wife’s influence, he and his family are thrown into turmoil and violence. Susie descends into a life of alter personalities, their existence unknown to her until she collapses. A dark cloud has been following her all her life, and in this moment of weakness, it finally consumes her, wreaking total havoc and insanity in her life. Her path through depression, and the quagmire of multiple personalities, is long, disruptive, and harrowing, and will reveal the true nature of INIQUITOUS CONNECTIONS : THE DARK.

“God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

-I John 1:5b